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Read and write to your desktop databases without any programming changes. Quickest and easiest way to go paperless.

Synchronize any desktop side database Wirelessly with your iPad (3G or Wi-Fi). Changes on iPad can synchronize wirelessly and instantly to desktop database. Also, any modifications to the desktop database can wirelessly and instantly sent to iPad when the app is started, so you will always have the most current information at your fingertips.

You will just need our Desktop software. The Desktop can be connected to internet via your wifi router in another room, or desktop can be in your office few miles away connected to the internet, and your iPad is connected to your home or any other wi-fi router.


Download Desktop S/W (6.12MB) Download iPad side Software  
$49.99 USD


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Synchronize any desktop side database Wirelessly on your IPad Device. (3G or Wi-Fi).
Update data on the field, which will reflect to Server database(Desktop database).
Synchronize Table/View or Stored Procedure of your database with iPad.
Synchronize only updated desktop data to iPad
Apply SQL Select queries, Filters, Sort the fields and Push data according to it.

Supported Databases: Microsoft Access, Access 2007, Microsoft Excel, Excel 2007, Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, FoxPro, dBase, R:BASE and any ODBC Compliant Database.

Supported Forms on iPad.
Design form on desktop with Label, Text Field, Buttons, Checkbox, Combo box, Page, control.
Supports Sub forms, Design a master/detail form, or a parent/child form using sub form.
Data is secured as 128 bit AES used for encryption.
Send single record data on form as a .PDF by Email.
Supports Unicode language database such as Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Russian etc.
Image control on form, Select image on device for each record.
Create form in Portrait/ Landscape mode.
Import/Export form design.
Now support QR Code(BarCode) scanning.

User Guide

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Windows 2000/ Windows XP/ Windows 2003/ Windows Vista/ Windows 2007
Internet connection must be available on Desktop.
iPad running OS 3.0 or higher