Database Viewer: FAQ


I have Excel file which do not have unique key, Will this software transfer my Excel file to iPhone?

Yes, software can transfer the Excel files which do not have unique (primary) key. But for this, in DatabaseViewer, when software ask for selection of unique key, you have to select more than one columns which will have unique data combination each row.


Does software send complete database every time?

No, This software only sends only changed records like new/updated/deleted records and not complete database each time.


Is my database secured?

Yes, Data transfer between iPhone side DatabaseViewer and Server application is secured as 128 bit AES is used for encryption.


Does this software needs primary key in desktop side database?

No, It is not compulsory that your database should have primary key. But after selecting your database, you have to select column, which will have unique data in each row. You can select more than one column so that combination of these fields can create unique data for each row. A unique key or primary key is a key to uniquely identify each row in a table. No two distinct rows in a table can have the same value (or combination of values) in those columns.


How to get UDID of iphone?

To get UDID, connect your device to your PC and launch iTunes. In iTunes, select your iPhone device in the �Devices� section and navigate to the Summary tab. Click on the Serial Number label to reveal the Identifier field and the 40 characters UDID. Press Ctrl+C to copy the UDID to your clipboard, and paste it in UDID and Confirm UDID field