Cellica Database for iPad : Installation Guide

Desktop Installation

You should download CellicaDatabase.exe file if you have not done it already. Please make sure that your computer is connected to the Internet. Double Click on this Setup file, this will show following screen.

Figure 1: Installation Start

Select Personal Edition to install software for individual user. For corporate edition please contact us at sales@cellica.com

Now �Personal Edition� is default option available. This is for individual user, who wants to synchronize data with single mobile device. Corporate edition is available for users who want's to synchronize data for more than one mobile device.

After selection of Personal Edition, Enter 40 character UDID of your iPad. To get UDID, connect your iPad to your Windows base PC and launch iTunes. In iTunes, select your device in the �Devices� section and navigate to the Summary tab. Click on the Serial Number label to reveal the Identifier field and the 40 characters UDID. Press Ctrl+C to copy the UDID to your clipboard, and paste it in UDID and Confirm UDID field.
Once you enter above information, in next installation step, select the installation path for this software on your Personal Computer.
After successful installation of the software on PC, installation location path will have Wireless Database Viewer Plus folder contains Desktop Files folder. Desktop Files contains CellicaDatabase.exe and other files required for this software. Shortcut for CellicaDatabase.exe and User Guide is available on your desktop.

IPad Installation:

From your computer:

1.Search "Cellica Database for iPad" in iTunes and download the app.

2.Once the download is complete, sync your iPad with iTunes.

3.Go to the Home Screen on your device and tap the 'CellicaDatabase' icon.

From your iPad:

1.Tap the App Store icon.

2.Search for "Cellica Database for iPad".

3.Download the app.


Now you are ready to use Cellica Database software
Important: Install Cellica Database software on the PC on which internet is available.