Cellica Database for Android: Installation Guide

Desktop Installation

You should download CellicaDatabaseAndroid.exe file if you have not done it already. Please make sure that your computer is connected to the Internet. Double Click on this Setup file, this will show following screen.

Figure 1: Installation Start

After selection of Personal edition, Enter IMEI/MEID/Mac Addess of your Android device in IMEI/MEID/MAC Address and Confirm IMEI/MEID/MAC ADDRESS field. You can get IMEI/MEID/MAC ADDRESS in WDBViewerPlus software on home screen by using "View IMEI/MEID/MAC Address" menu.

Android devices (For example Android Tablet) which do not have IMEI/MEID, can use MAC Address. Please enable Wi-Fi on your Android device to get MAC Address of your device while using "View IMEI/MEID/MAC Address".
After entering IMEI/MEID/MAC ADDRESS, now select your device model or resolution of your device. If your device model is not listed in "Select Device Model", then select "Select Resolution" option and select resolution of your device. Resolution list shows combination of resolution and PPC(DPI).

To view forms properly on device, select exact resolution of your device.

Once you enter above information, in next installation step, select the installation path for this software on your Personal Computer.
After successful installation of the software on PC, installation location path will have Wireless Database Viewer Plus folder contains Desktop Files folder. Desktop Files contains WDBViewerPlus.exe and other files required for this software. Shortcut for WDBViewerPlus.exe and User Guide is available on your desktop.

Android Installation:

Please search Cellica Database for Android on Android Market and Download the software.


Now you are ready to use Cellica Database software
Important: Install Cellica Database software on the PC on which internet is available.