Cellica Database for Android: FAQ


What is Difference between Wi-Fi version and Interent version?

Following are the additional features in this Wi-Fi version.

1. Supports Signature control.
2. Support images synchronization with desktop database.
3. Instant data synchronization in both direction.
4. No need of internet on device.

Internet version allows to synchronize data from any where.

Wi-Fi version supports synchronization of data only in local Wi-Fi area.


Does software send complete database every time?

No, This software sends only changed records like new/updated/deleted records and not complete database each time.


Is my database secured?

Yes, Data transfer between Android device side DBViewer Plus and Server application is secured as 128 bit AES is used for encryption.


What is evaluation period of this software?

Software has 10 days evaluation period. In 10 days, software will work with all features and functionalities. After 10 days, Desktop side application will ask for license key. Then visit Cellica to purchase the software. After purchasing the software, you will get license key. Use it in following activation form.


How can I synchronize data automatically?

To start synchronization automatically, In preferences form of Cellica Database on your Android device, Set "Sync Menu" option to Disabled. This will allow you to set "Sync Interval". In Sync Interval you can set Day, Hours, Minutes.


What time I can set for automatic synchronization?

For automatic synchronization, you can set :Sync Interval" option in Days, Hours, Minutes.


Whenever I add/edit/delete record on Android device, in Record view I get Red/Cyan color.

Cyan color indicates that record synchronization is still in progress. Red color indicates that Record has problem while syncing with desktop database. Status menu shows information related with record syncing process.


How to scan Bar code in Cellica Database?

You need to hold for few seconds on Text Box in Form and it will display menu "Scan Barcode".

On clicking this �Scan Barcode� menu, you will get another dialog, where you have to select type of bar code you want to scan (�Scan QR Code/ Scan Product/Auto Detect�).

Software will scan the Bar code according to this and display data in text box.

Scan QR Code: Use this option to scan QR Code.

Scan Product: Use this option to scan One Dimensional Bar codes on products.

Auto Detect: Use this option, if you do not know the Bar code type.

You can get barcode scanning option in Text Box control on forms, Search Field and in editing profile data.

PS: To enable barcode scanning functionality on your device, you should have installed "Barcode Scanner" application on your Android device.